Southern squid and whiting

The southern Mornington peninsula is again the place to be looking if you’re searching for squid and whiting – with some good quality squid at that. Even though the weather this week hasn’t been bad enough to keep the northern end of the bay dirty, the southern end has definitely been more consistent. The real areas to be focusing on are from Rye to Portsea.

Customer Shane has been catching quality squid from both Rye and Blairgowrie piers. Shane has mainly been fishing at night and most of the squid he has caught have been around 1kg or bigger. Haramitsu jigs in size 2.5 have been the best for him, especially in dark natural colours.

Customer Izzy fished along the bottom end of the bay with Brett Reed from Reedy’s rigs in search of both squid and Whiting. Izzy and Brett fished out from Portsea and Sorrento where they managed some very good quality squid on size 3.5 Haramitsu jigs. Red foil underbellies were the best performing jigs amongst the clear shallow water.

After collecting some calamari they fished their way around Sorrento, Portsea and Dromana in search of whiting. Pipi fished on reedy’s ‘tinganoster’ rigs worked best in water 5 – 7m deep.

Fishing the same section of the bay customers Josh and Arthur have been doing well on the Whiting. They has been moving about a bit but has found the fish out from Portsea in 8m. The next session the fish went well further back off the Rye region. Both Josh and Arthur had a good session just recently off Rye in 5m of water. Pipi was the best bait.