This Weeks Fishing Report

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Gummies, whiting and squid have been making up the bulk of the reports from Westernport during the week – with plenty of all on offer.

Customer Luke went out in the port during the week with a friend in search of a feed of flake. Luke took some of his recently purchased light tuna outfits out to fish some heavier lead and deeper water and was very happy with their performance on the gummies. Luke fished the deeper water near Bagge harbour out from Warneet, and 3 nice table gummies were landed. Fishing some steep channel edges with arrow squid was the successful method.

Customer Dejan has been fishing the top end of the port over the past week. Dejan has been fishing out from Warneet and has experimented with fishing both shallow and deep for varied results. Some of the larger fish have been caught fishing deeper off the banks – with water around 12m being the right zone, especially when small patches of rubble and reef are nearby. Dejan has been finding pipi, squid and cuttlefish have been the most effective baits.

John from Victorian Fishing Charters has had plenty of happy clients out on the whiting during the week. John has been fishing out from Hastings around Tankerton and Tortoise Head and has been having success fishing the ultra shallow water for these fish. Big tides and water under 1m in depth has been a great place to search for feeding fish – especially if these tides are aligned with periods of low light. The most productive baits have been pipi and cuttlefish, and when fished on small dropshot or stinger style hooks have been deadly.

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Port Phillip

Port Phillip has seen some plenty of bread and butter options of late. While the bay is not overrun with hoards of hard fighting snapper – there has been plenty to offer those happy with species like garfish, whiting and squid along with pinkies and smaller gummies if you’re down south.

Garfish reports have been good – just not super crazy in numbers, but worth targeting these tasty little morsels. The Eastern seaboard piers have been good if you’re focusing on setting up for them. Super fine but consistent berley trails are a must – as this will keep the smaller schools around.

The areas worth looking at currently are; Mordialloc, Beaumaris, Frankston and Mornington.

Customers Alex and Angelo have both spent a morning here and there chasing the gars from the piers – and while there hasn’t been clouds and clouds of them they have still been worth the effort. Analysis of correct hook pattern and berley mixture along with float setup has been crucial, but once set up – the results will come.

On the whiting front customer Chris has been catching small bags of them fishing from the shore along the peninsula. Chris has mainly been focusing on the Anthony’s Nose/Dromana region. Chris has found the early stages of the run out tide to be the most effective for him, especially when later during the night. Chris has been using a mixture of squid and cuttlefish as bait – with mussel occasionally landing a few fish also. If doing this form of fishing – be sure to pick out a rod in the 8ft + length and fast action, in order to cast small sinkers 70m+ to where they need to be.

Lucky 12yr old Sam won a guide fishing with Fergy recently through the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron a few weeks ago so and him and his father Alex went out in the bay and had the ropes shown to them. The morning was spent chasing squid, with some quality calamari and cuttlefish caught – with some crackers up around the 5kg mark.

The best performing jigs were size 3.0 Majorcraft with natual blue and orange being the best two.
Great work to Sam who was a squid guru after some coaching, where he comfortably managed to not only catch all his own squid and cuttlefish. A big thanks to Frogleys Offshore, The Australian Skin Cancer Clinic and Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron for participating in such an event.

Staff member John has snuck out during the week in search of a local mulloway. John is normally pretty early on the mulloway reports – to the sacrifice of coming in to work early! John found a couple of school fish fishing live mullet around in the metro rivers. While slightly early – signs of solid sized school fish look good for Autumn/Winter this season.

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NSW Marlin

The south coast Marlin bite continues to impress anglers, with reports of fish from Mallacoota and Eden right through to Ulladulla and Shoalhaven. Keeping an eye on currents and charts as always is a solid plan – but at present the fishing has been exceptional for the trio of marlin. The bulk of the reports include numbers of striped marlin in the 70 – 90kg range, with some inshore blacks also floating around.

Customer Ken and some of the boys from the Knox Boat Fishing Club ventured up the coast and did a stint on the marlin last week. The boys fished out from Bermagui and over a couple of days they managed to raise over 10 fish. The boys landed fish to around the 80kg mark.

The area around the 12 mile has been holding good numbers of fish, and even though most are coming on skipbaits and live baits – but a handful of anglers have also been successful blind fishing lures when bait has been hard to locate. Black Pete Ernie and Dougal head styles have been a couple of the better options for newer billfish anglers to look at.

Lachie O’Reilly fished on the marlin out from Bermagui recently – with some great fishing over the week. Lachie and crew landed over 30 marlin during their fishing, with one day yielding 13 fish! There were plenty of methods working on the fish over the week – with skipbaits and live baits used by some anglers, and lures used by others. The JB Dino/Billmark Ernie style head was excellent, along with a range of Pakula lures. Either way – there’s some excellent marlin fishing going on at present!

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Bluewater options

The tuna reports just keep filing through – with plenty of fish caught in the same areas locally. Patches have still been found off Barwon and Torquay right through to around Inverloch, the key has been to follow the wind and weather patterns and exucute a plan of attack around this.

Customers Hiep and Long fished out from the eastern entrance of Westernport last week in search of bluefin tuna and they weren’t let down. There were a few lure options incorporated in the spread, with crazy deep Halco Pro’s one of the best performers when on the troll. A few patches of fish were found up on the surface where they were also caught using a variety of casting lures. Casting micro stickbaits and poppers was the best method in getting the bites.

Mitch the Pop Queen from EJ Todds has been out on the fish using the new UV colours in the pop queen 160. Mitc has noticed  success on all of the new colours with blue, red, and green all performing well. Fishing out from Barwon in 40m the fish have been eager to eat the topwater offerings when presented on the correct tackle.

Customer Ryan has also been catching tuna on the new UV colours – with blue being his favourite. As you can these colours are loaded with UV reactive colour and really add to the presence of the lure.

Customer Stuart and his Dad were on the fish again this week – but this time they fished out from Flinders towards Cape Schank. Trolling a spread of hardbodies this time they managed a few nice fish in about 60m of water. There were zero birds or other life about – just a small patch of feeding tuna eager to eat the Laser Pro’s.

There have still been kingfish floating about for those out in search of them – and that includes the bays and estuaries.

Members of the Dandenong Sports Fishing Club ventured down to Port Welshpool recently where there were quite a few various species caught – with a handful of miniature kingfish inside the estuary a cute little highlight. These fish were caught on light gear and just a stone’s throw from the long jetty – where they can be targeted on stickbaits and small poppers.

While not quite a rat kingie – customer Glenn and son James landed a ripper fish last week. Glenn and James landed this cracker on a live slimey mackerel – which measured 115cm, and gave them absolute hell.

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The freshwater fishing has been great lately. and is chockers full of options for the long weekend. Whether you’re out chasing cod or yellowbelly, or trout up in the hills – there’s plenty of options that have been fishing well of late.

Rocklands Res has been fishing well for Yellowbelly. While most of the fish have been around the kilogram mark and have been caught using medium sized freshwater yabbies. When using these yabbies have been best when rigged lightly through the shell on the back. Scrubworms have also been good when bunched up on a baitholder hook and let roll about on the lake bottom.

Customer Zoli fished from the shore of the lake recetntly and employed these two exact methods to land a few nice table sized fish.

Customer John and young gun Hayden fished up along the Murray river recently. Fishing below the lake around Yarrawonga the boys managed a few nice little cod. The bait of choice were the biggest yabbies they could get their hands on. Pinning these yabbies through the body shell or tail with a wide gap or baitholder hook and removing the claws is the best presentation for murray cod.

The Eildon region has been producing trout in both the river and pondage. The most effective methods have been coarse fishing with maggots and powerbait. The use of a feeder cage and pellet mix berley is also crucial in order to attract the fish to your area, and also keep them there. That is why this method works so well.

Customer Sam fished the Goulburn around Thornton just last week where he landed some solid rainbow trout using the maggot and berley cage method. Staff member Don also fished the pondage at Eildon with his son Tygar recently and used a very similar method. Some solid brown trout were caught along with a couple of smaller rainbows.

Customer Ismail also fished the pondage with his mates during the week where they landed some rainbow trout to about 1.5kg. The boys fished powerbait and a dough mixture, amongst a trail of sinking trout pellets.

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Plenty of bread and butter options in the port at present. The whiting fishing has been solid, but many anglers have been reporting of loads of fish smaller school fish up along the banks. To combat this, try fishing a bit deeper with some ‘upsized’ whiting gear – you will surprized at the areas that these bigger fish come from. There’s also been plenty of good gummy shark action about – with some of the larger females on their way into the port to pup.

Customer Chris landed a ripper gummy over the weekend while fishing with a mate Mark. Chris ventured down towards Balnarring, and after getting pestered by banjo sharks he was rewarded with a very nice gummy shark. A well presented chunk of salmon on a single 8/0 circle hook did the job, with the big female weighing 20kg on the nose.

Customer Bryce also landed a solid little gummy while fishing for whiting. Bryce was using squid for bait fishing out from Somers and landed a the chunky shark on a 1-4kg whiting rod and long shank whiting hook. It always pays to have a bigger bait out!

Customer Dajen fished Western port bay last week after some KGW. He had to move around a bit with the cut at middle spit becoming the most productive region. Dajen fished the edge of the bank during the run out tide and found that the best two baits were pipi and cuttlefish.

Staff member Don fished with mate Sam out from Tooradin last week where they managed some nice whiting. The guys found that cuttlefish, californian squid and pipi were the best mix of baits. The best areas were the gradual sloping banks of the Tooradin channel rather than the steeper drop off edges, which fished best during the run in tide.

Customers Stuart and Ben fished the port for some whiting and squid recently. The boys went straight to the middle spit for the morning run out tide where they fished between 1 – 2m of water. They and bagged a few nice whiting on fresh squid wings that were caught during a previous trip. We caught a grass whiting from the same area which were rigged up on a squid spike and converted into a few squid which is a tasty bonus!

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Plenty happening in Gippsland at the moment – whether you’re fishing out around Mallacoota and the eastern estuaries for bream etc, and big flathead and whiting back around Lakes Entrance. The previously dirty water holding around these estuaries has cleared up heaps and brought the fishing back into gear. Down through corner inlet and Welshpool there has also been some ripper snapper, gummies, kingfish and tuna all caught just offshore.

Customers Davor and Mick fished out from Port Albert during teh week in search of snapper and gummies. They launched from Port Albert and fished offshore of Manns Beach in 20m of water. No gummies were found, but they did land a nice snapper of around 4kg which took a yakka head. A small hammerhead shark also turned up which was landed on the same bottom bouncing rig and gear, with a fresh fillet proving successful.

Customer Caitlin started of her weekend with a bang fishing in the Gippsland lakes around Lakes Entrance. She was stoked to catch this beast of a flathead out of her kayak while fishing the shallow flats during the outgoing tide. This chunky fish was tempted by a 170mm swimbait fished extremely slow to mimic a baitfish cruising the edges.

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Tuna continue to chew

The tuna activity continues to fire locally. The fish are still spread between the Barwon – Wonthaggi area (locally anyway) and have been caught as shallow as 15m or so – out to around the 50m line. Success has been had both casting and trolling, so it’s a real pick your poison fishery at the moment.

Customer Denis is now a handy tuna fisherman, and has tried and tested over the past few months on the local fish. He is now starting to see consistent results on the fish on pretty much most trips. His latest trip saw some busting fish working the surface however they weren’t super aggressive. Denis employed the use of a spreader bar and daisy chain combo and ran wide of the schools and started getting bites. The fish were holding well through the 40m line from Kilcunda through to Cape Paterson.

Customers Brodie and Rowan fished out from the Eastern Entrance last week where they landed some great school fish. The boys ended up getting most of their bites out from Coal Point in 40m of water. The best performers were both skirts – with the Billmark Dougal the standout. King Don flashabou and Evil blue were the hot colours, with both run off pink and green teasers.

Joe Branca from Off The Hook charters has been having an amazing season on the school tuna so far. Joe has been spending the bulk of his trips fishing out from Port Phillip Heads. Joe has said that some days these fish will simply just not bite – but more often that not they can be triggered into feeding if you are running enough variety in your spread. This particular session the boys on board did well fishing in 33m off water out of Barwon Heads.

Joe has been liking a hardbody spread of late and consists of as follows; two Halco crazy deeps 10m behind the boat in king brown and fifo colours, 5-10m behind those another two Halco crazy deeps in gravel rash and red head, and 10m behind them another two Halco Laser Pros in bright colours and the shallower diving style. His shotgun position consists of a spreader bar fished on a heavier 24-37kg with a 5-6inch bullet style skirt.

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Offshore action APLENTY

The tuna have been good for many customers this past week – with plenty of solid fish to be found in fairly close out from both Westernport and Port Phillip. With some great weather this weekend there should be plenty of action again.

How’s this for his first tuna! Young gun Archie went out from Sorrento with his Dad Roger last week in search of bluefin tuna. Fishing out along Barwon Heads, the boys got a double hook up in 50m of water with two fish coming aboard. Arch fought this solid fish and got it in and reports that his back is still sore! Both fish took a mixture of shallow and deep running hardbodies in both bright UV and natural baitfish colours.

Customers Kim and Justin covered a lot of water out from the Eastern entrance last week trying to find some tuna but ended up on the board after a head’s up from a mate. After 10min of trolling , the sounder lit up nicely with fish and resulted in a 4 way hook up, with all 4 fish landed. Running a bird in front of a Raw Fishing mini Medusa was the most effective with other bites being obtained on it. The Black Pete Dougal run off the corner also worked well in the popular Paris colour.

Customer Jayden and mates shot out to Coal point in the 20-30m line early morning last week,to finsd fish everywhere. The boys got a heap of fish on small stickbaits, with the Yakamito sub minnow being one of the more productive. Best colour was silver ghost which is completely white and represent a white bait to a tee. Retrofitted light gauge inline single hooks helped keel the lure of faster retrieves and kept the lure fluttering evenly on the pause.

Customer Dennis has been wasting absolutely no time now that he has been on a solid run on the bluefin. Dennis has been having a blast on the fish fishing out from the Eastern Entrance, where he has met a heap of local anglers who he has put on the fish also. Dennis has found that most of his action has been coming from around the 40m depth line – anywhere from Kilcunda to Coal point, and occasionally pushing back towards Pyramid Rock in around 25m of water in the afternoon. Dennis has been catching most of his fish on 6 inch skirts in a ‘yakka’ colour scheme.

Customer Travis was out in search of tuna last week but was rewarded equally with a very solid kingfish of nearly 18kg. Travis was trolling a spread of both hardbodies and skirts out along the back of Kilcunda in 25m of water when the kingie hit. The successful lure was a pilchard patterned deep running hardbody run at short corner.

Customer Zennon headed out of port Welshpool a couple of weekends ago with his wife, where he did well on the kingfish. Zennon pulled up at White Rock at about 8am (the first small rock) and dropped down a 60g jig and was on instantly. Pink and silver was the colour, with 3 solid fish landed in succession. After a small frantic bite window the action slowed off with only a couple of undersize fish landed afterwards. The smaller profile of the smaller jig was perfect in the shallower water and was able to be fished a bit slower and get the bites.

Customer Daniel headed down to Portland last week where he had some fun offshore. Daniel fished for kingfish around Julia reef in the shallows and caught a couple of quality kingfish. Daniel managed to catch some yakkas in near the reef which he rigged using the ‘bridle buddy’ and fished suspended under a balloon. Daniel also caught some squid in the same area which he kept and used the following day out towards the shelf. Daniel dropped the electric gear down in 480m of water straight out from Lawrence rock and scored a couple of nice blue eye for his troubles.

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Port Phillip

While the boat traffic has been substantially slower in the bay – there has been some nice snapper floating about for those in pursuit of them. Fishing around the Mornington region has been the best bet for the reds. A bit further south along the peninsula, the whiting and squid have been a good prospect – with some decent flatties thrown in the mix also.

Customer Dejan fished out from Mornington recently in search of a snapper or two – and has was rewarded with fish to around 3kg. Dejan fished pretty much along the channel edge in 23m of water and landed the fish after sun up. Fishing whole silver whiting was the go, with a ‘bouncing’ rig also collecting a couple of smaller fish as well.

Customers Tom and Rhys went out from Mornington also in search of the salmon, but were pleasantly surprized when they had some fun on the school snapper. The boys fished in close to Mornington pier and noticed some decent marks on the sounder so changed to snapper-suitable plastics and there the action started. The boys worked through the 6-8m area, and found that 5 inch garfish profiles were the best when coated in gel scent and fished with a jerk and kill action.

Customer Michelle and friend Mel have been having fun on squid, whiting and flathead out around Rosebud. Fishing bright UV colours in the Black Magic squid snatcher jigs was the best way to snare some squid in the shallows. Fishing cocktail baits of pipi and squid some whiting made their presence felt, and the whiting were coughing up small pieces of worm from the reef – which in turn made excellent bait to catch more of them! A couple of nice blue spot flathead were the icing on the cake for a nice mixed bag from the area!

Customer Jordan has been catching some quality calamari out from Mornington. Jordan has found that size 3.0 jigs have been the best for him when used in water around 5m deep. His favourite colour patterns have been UV white and ‘tiger’ bases, with these brighter colours really getting the attention of the squid quicker.

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