Where to fish and how to catch particular species of fish in Victoria. Leaflets to download.


One of Australia’s most popular bread and butter fish species are bream.  There are multiple species of bream that are found right the way round Australia’s coastline, however it is the Southern Black Bream and to a lesser extent, Eastern Yellowfin Bream that are the most local to us.

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Casey Fields

Casey Fields is situated in Cranbourne East, roughly 30 minutes South-East from Dandenong. Casey Fields was originally developed by the City of Casey as a premier outdoor sports facility and features a broad range of active and passive recreation opportunities for the expanding Southeast region.

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Devilbend Reservoir

Devilbend Reservoir is a large water storage facility located on the Mornington Peninsula between Mornington and Hastings and around 35 minutes from Dandenong. Devilbend Resovoir is only partly ope for fishing but is does have excellent fishing within zones set up for fishing and kayaking.

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Eildon Pondage

Eildon Pondage is situated right next to the township of Eildon and is a leisurely 2 hour drive from Dandenong. The area is popular for many weekend and day trips and there are plenty of fishing options whether relaxed or technical is your thing.

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If there was ever a perfect fish for anglers of all levels to target, Flathead would probably be it. They inhabit virtually all of Australia’s coastline, and can be found upstream in brackish and tidal rivers, right out to offshore sand and rubble patches.

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Flinders Pier

Flinders Pier is situated just inside Westernport Bay, separated from Bass Strait by the headland known as West Head. The pier is located approximately 55 minutes from Dandenong, just down hill from the township of Flinders.

Flinders pier is a very popular fishing location for many; and being a long pier close to the oceanic waters of Bass Strait it can provide some excellent fishing and good a variety of species.

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Frankston Pier

Located just 25 minutes from Dandenong off the Nepean Highway on Pier Promenade, Frankston pier is a popular one, mainly due to ease of access and proximity. It sees more attention than nearby Seaford Pier, and has much the same in terms of fish species on offer, with the addition of yellow eye mullet and slightly better chances of a land-based snapper.

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Garfish – the basics

Garfish are a great fish to catch and are excellent for anglers of all skill levels – from complete novice right up to the seasoned pro who knows the pier back to front and inside out.

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Karkarook Park Lake

Karkarook Park Lake is a man-made lake formed in the old sand quarry in Moorabbin. Victorian Fisheries Karkarook lake with ‘advanced yearling’ trout prior to most school holidays, and at this size they are hungry and perfectly suitable for youngsters starting their fishing careers – or experienced anglers alike.

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Lilydale Lake

Lilydale Lake is a rather large lake situated in Lilydale just off Swansea Road. The lake has a whole heap of facilities like playgrounds, BBQs and walking trails built in the grounds so it is ideal for the family-orientated angler, and is around 30 minutes drive from Dandenong.

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Mornington Pier

Mornington Pier is located on the Mornington Peninsula and is situated on the East side of Port Phillip Bay. It is approximately 35 minutes from Dandenong.

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Portsea Pier

Portsea pier is located at the very southern end of Port Phillip Bay’s Mornington Peninsula and is approximately 60 minutes drive from Dandenong. The Pier sits next the famous Portsea Pub and is just a few kilometres from ‘The Rip’ – Port Phillip’s entrance border to Bass Strait.

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Rowville Lakes

The Rowville Lakes system is situated within the Lakeside estate of Rowville, which is a mere 10 minute drive from Dandenong. There are three lakes within the Lakeside Estate.

Victorian Fisheries stock the main lake with ‘advanced yearling’ trout prior to most school holidays. At this size they are hungry and perfectly suitable for youngsters starting their fishing careers, or experienced anglers alike.

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Seaford Pier

Seaford Pier is a generally quiet fishing destination on the eastern side of Port Phillip Bay, approximately 20 minutes from Dandenong. It is good for catching Garfish, Australian Salmon, Flathead and occasional Snapper in season.

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Between the months of October and February each year snapper enter Western Port and Port Phillip Bay in huge numbers. Snapper are the number one target species for many saltwater anglers around Melbourne.

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Squid fishing around Melbourne has really jumped into a specialty of its own in the past few years, and why not – it can be done virtually 24/7, 365 days a year. The squid that we catch around Melbourne are 99% mostly southern calamari which can grow to around 4kg and live for roughly 18 months.

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Stoney Point Pier

Stony Point lies on the western side of the Mornington Peninsula on Western Port and is approximately 40 minutes from Dandenong. Located at the end of Stony Point road, the pier has a boat ramp facility and nearby parking areas available, with public toilets.

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Stream trout

A fairly popular pastime for anglers around the state is river trout fishing. Many start their angling journey on a small river in search of a wild trout or two, and this form of fishing can be one that sticks with you for your angling days.

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Surf Fishing

Anglers flock to the beach to lock horns with the feisty Australian Salmon, which can be caught up 4kg from the beaches around the state. Surf fishing is by nature a fairly simple form of fishing, but attention to detail will

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Warneet Pier

Warneet Pier is located on the Northern End of Western Port and is approximately 35 minutes from Dandenong.

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