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Our Team.

We are here to help you learn more about fishing, to enjoy it more and most importantly, to catch more fish. Just come in and ask. We love helping people of all ages, abilities and experience. No question is too simple or complex. Please just come into the store and ask.

Our Stories…

George Kokkinos

Store Manager
In my earlier years fishing I spent a lot of my time locally around Melbourne between piers and land-based locations. In this time I learned the in-depth specifics needed to catch fish consistently. Nowadays I enjoy passing on my knowledge to all walks of life, whether it’s helping a first-time angler or seasoned pro.

I enjoy fishing bread and butter species local to Melbourne like squid, garfish and whiting, but also really enjoy lure fishing for estuary species like bream. Conversing and listening to people both on the water and in-store helps me take in lots of helpful info and share it back around to anyone who needs it.


Dylan Brennan

Having an interest in fish, fishing and the outdoors since about the age of 6 has driven me to learn as much I can about all forms of fishing! My preferred form of fishing is anything surrounding both lure and fly fishing – in both fresh and saltwater.

Having ‘itchy feet’ for fishing in general though sees me travel far and wide in search of something different I can do, whether it’s chasing Murray cod on surface offerings one day and bluefin tuna the next. Having a fishing ‘brain’ 24/7 helps me take in detailed knowledge of a certain area or a specific knot, lure or fish species – and pass this all on to you!


Chris Forstner

You’ll find me at my most excited throughout the months of October and November, as snapper fishing is my number one passion! Having a 10 year background aboard charter boats in Port Phillip Bay, my knowledge of it and the specifics of where to fish and when is very detailed – in order to help you catch fish!

If I’m not in search of the Melbourne Big Red during my spare time I’ll often be lure fishing the East Gippsland estuaries in search of monster flathead and tailor. Having a very patient wife also helps me spend much of my time out on the water as possible, which means I can pass on my learned knowledge to you!

Tight lines

Donald Smith

My passion and love for fishing started at 9 years of age when I caught my very first fish, a Brown Trout from the Goulburn River.  Whether it’s Trout, Whiting, Squid or Surf fishing for Salmon it doesn’t matter to me, I’m well and truly hooked on fishing and happy to just be out there doing it.

Having worked in the fishing industry for 24 years my biggest joy is passing on the information I’ve learnt. Being a father of two, I enjoy introducing kids and their parents into the sport of fishing.  If I am able to help them tie a knot or rig up to catch their first fish then I feel like I have succeeded.