Bread and Butter pier species

Frankston and Seaford piers have been fishing well for gars. Staff member Don fished Frankston and Oliver’s Hill earlier in the week and caught a feed of garfish. Don found the usual fine berley mix was good to get the fish going, with banana prawn and silverfish the better baits. Float adjustments were also critical, with very calm conditions turning the fish very shy. Don found that his most finesse float was the best option, as heavier weighted floats were pulling on the fish slightly and they would drop the bait.

Further up the bay customer Bashir caught a bag of gars out in the boat. Fishing the shallows off Brighton he managed a nice feed of tasty gars. Fine berley constantly pumped out of the pot kept the fish hanging about and maggots were the best bait.

The area around Green Point is a good area to anchor up, especially on the Northern side of the reefy point. The shallows here produce plenty of garfish once the berley is deployed.

Around the southern end of the bay there have been a few species on offer if you’re hitting one of the piers. Amongst the garfish around the pier and Rye and Portsea, there have been stacks of tommy rough. The tommies are very easily mistaken for small salmon but generally have a larger eye, rougher scales – hence the name and black tips to their tail fins.

If you’re fishing from the pier here the same setup as your garfish gear will suffice. Staff member Don fished the pier during the week with his son Tygar and landed a heap of tommies. A fine grit ‘garfish spec’ berley trail is excellent with the addition of slightly more tuna oil or finely mashed pilchards. Finely tuned floats with small pieces of banana prawn have also been excellent.

The squid fishing has recently picked up for anglers fishing from the piers. The southern end of the peninsula has been the place to be out eging. Customer Tony fished from Portsea pier recently and found that the early morning fishing was the best.

Tony fished the end of the pier from before first light and managed 6 nice squid for his morning session. After purchasing a new squid outfit Tony was super keen to get amongst them, and he reports the new outfit made the fishing much more enjoyable. The best jig for Tony for this session was a UV white in size 3.5