Southern Shore Based Squid

Even though rough weather has discoloured many land based squid options, many more are on the mend and fishing well. Southern Port Phillip has held the most consistent fishing for squid at present, with anywhere south of Mt Martha worth the extra drive. The eastern seaboard between Frankston and Mornington has been patchy but further south the stronger tidal waters clean much quicker and start producing again.

Down around Blairgowrie and Sorrento piers there have been plenty of smaller squid caught. Staff member Don and son Tyger fished Blairgowrie during the week and landed a few from the pier. Size 1.8 jigs caught more when the bite had slowed off, with natural baitfish and darker colours working the best.

Customer Steven fished bot Blairgowrie and Rye piers during the week and landed some slightly larger squid. Steven fished a mixture of jigs and found that size 3.0 was effective, as were 1.8’s. The smaller jigs generally do well on the large schools of smaller squid that occupy the southern peninsula piers that are out of the direct current.

Across the hill at Flinders customer Tony has caught a few decent squid. While water conditions have been touch and go with clarity, when the water surrounding the pier isn’t too cloudy the squid fishing can be good. Tony has caught a mixture of squid from smaller 17cm hoods through to much larger models recently. Fishing UV ‘banana’ coloured jigs in size 3.5 and dark brown/green natural tones has been effective for him. The brighter colours normally get the initial ‘reaction’ bite from the squid being bright and aggressive, while the natural tones resemble food items such as grass whiting and grass around the weed patches.