King George Whiting consistency

The Rough weather that we have received the past fortnight or so has kept most anglers off most waterways, but the keen few have been making the most of the small windows amongst the weather to target a feed of whiting. Both bays have still produced fish with fairly good consistency even though the water temperature has dropped significantly. Whiting like this 47cm model caught by young Zander have still been coming over the sides in both bays, with Westernport the king when it comes to KGW.

In Westernport the weather can be danced around easier if winds and tides are checked prior to fishing, with small breaks in the rain and window providing plenty of action for customer Michael. Michael fished out from Hastings and managed a nice bag of solid whiting fishing inside the Eastern channel and using a mixture of pipi and squid. the outgoing tide was the best time for him.

Customer Jamie has still been doing well on the whiting in WPB also, with smaller patches of fish coming on the bite but nothing to complain about considering the weather. Jamie has been fishing the reefy ground near Reef Island in 5m of water. This area can be frustrating for toadfish and leatherjacket, so small frequent moves to stay on top of the whiting is crucial to keep away from the bycatch.

Over in Port Phillip the whiting continue to provide action, especially for those fishing the Queenscliff to St Leonards area. This area provides consistent whiting fishing for a fair bit of the year, with plenty of school fish in the area. Customer Josh fished with a few mates in a small weather window in the Queenscliff area and did well. The boys fished between 3-4m of water and found cocktail baits of pipi and squid were the most effective.