Rain equals quality trout fishing

With the constant rainfall that has started to fall through much of the state and high country, the trout fishing has started to ramp up. The rain really signals the fish to feed up in preparation for arduous upstream spawning aggregations, and they can be more aggressive during this time. While the lakes will continue to fish well right through the Winter, now is the time to spend your energy in search of quality stream and river fishing.

In between the rainfall some of the rivers around the Eildon region have been pleasant to fish, and customer Pat has been been enjoying some Autumn fishing in the region. Flyfishing the Rubicon and Goulburn rivers Pat has had plenty of action on standard stream-sized trout. Fishing these rivers during times of increased flow can be tricky, but focusing your offerings around the current seams and out of the main flow is where you will find the fish.

Customer Steve fished with a couple of mates recently in Lake Jinabyne up in the NSW Snowy Mountains. Steve found the trout fishing good with the drop in temperature and the fish were eating with gusto. Steve and mates landed just under 70 trout in the few days with the largest weighing around 5lb, but plenty of smaller rainbows under 500g were playing ball also. Fishing mudeyes under a finely balanced float and greased mainline was the most effective method.