Autumn Snapper

There have been some lovely snapper caught over the past week, with both bays producing quality fish to 5kg or so. A growing portion of anglers putting in the effort to target them year round are finding that they can be found and caught well outside of ‘season’ – and the boat traffic is generally very quiet at this time of year.

Fishing deep towards the shipping lane and out from Mount Martha or Mornington is a great place to start your search, but also the Northern reefs out from Black Rock through to Port Melbourne can also be very much worth fishing.

If you’re in Westernport, the ‘North ‘Arm from Stony Point through to Warneet is a great searching area, along with the potholes throughout the main channel north of Corinella.

Customers Jim and Dave had some stellar snapper action fishing out in the bay recently. The guys fished out from Mornington and managed their bag of lovely snapper and a table sized gummy. Fishing out in 22m of water around the shipping lane was successful and the best bait was squid.

Customer Mark landed a lovely snapper out in the Port earlier in the week. Mark’s fish weighed in at around 5kg and took a chunk of fresh yakka. Mark was fishing deep at around 22m of water in the North Arm.

Fishing up the top end of the Port, customer Neil has also gotten into some quality snapper with his son Nelson and daughter Stella. Neil and the kids fished out from Warneet and found the fish holding along a small ridge of cunjie reef. Pilchard was the standout bait fished on a long extended paternoster rig.