Quality calamari numbers

The squid fishing has been great for anglers spending the time out on both bays in search of them. While both bays have been fishing well for squid, Southern Port Phillip has been more productive for the anglers fishing from Mornington south to Rye and Blairgowrie. Across in Western Port the top end’s banks such as Tyabb and Quail have been good when the water has been clear, while there have been a few big squid coming from further south towards Vetnor and beyond, and Flinders.

Southern Port Phillip has been good for Kosta from Hooked Up magazine. Kosta can catch squid at the worst times but has been enjoying the Autumn eging from Mornington/Mt Eliza through to Rye and Sorrento. Fishing size 3.5 jigs off a crips actioned rod has enable him to get premium action out of the jigs and keep the squid fired up for more.

Again from Southern Port Phillip and customer Tony has been having some good results. Tony recently purchased himself a new eging outfit in store and christened it days later at Blairgowrie. Tony is adept at catching calamari in the area, but had an excellent session with good sized squid coming from the pier. Size 2.5 and 3.0 jigs have been the most effective here, as 3.5’s mostly seem a touch too big. Fishing them out over the sand during low light is a great way to hook actively hunting squid here also.

Customer Ryan is an eging enthusiast, and has been catching a few fishing from his small tinny down around the Safety Beach/Rye part of the bay. Again these southern areas are generally more consistent and hold good numbers of squid in the colder clear water. Ryan has been mixing things up jig wise, but has found size 2.5 in the shallows around slack water and 3.5 when deeper and wind or tide affected. Dark silhouettes and silver/gold foils have been the best colour wise for him.

Across in Western Port, customer Sam went out and made the most in some glorious conditions. Fishing along Quail Bank Sam found some serious-sized-squid in the deeper water. Fishing 5m and deeper away from the boat traffic Sam put together a bag of nice squid with a couple of big models in the mix. Size 3.5 jigs were the go in staying deep and the Owner ‘trick UV’ colours were the killers.