Great gars!

The garfish action has been great around the Eastern side of the bay over the past week. Many have been fishing from the piers but the small rock groynes and points have also been exceptional. The reports have been coming from Brighton through to Rye or so, with the hot spots being from Mordialloc through to Mt Eliza.

While great numbers of them can be caught when they’re firing – paying attention to small pieces of your rigging and berley game will make the difference between zero fish and a fun outing. Paying attention to float buoyancy and shot weight, hook gape and berley consistency are very important as well as constant depth adjustments to keep the bites coming in.

Customers Angelo and Mario gave the gars a good hiding earlier during the week. The boys fished Mordialloc pier and managed a good bag of fish. While the pier has been busy, constant float depth adjustments and berley application made sure the boys managed a feed of lovely crispy gars. Maggots were the stand out bait for the guys while they wriggled about – but make sure you bait them up the correct way or your catch rate will suffer!

Customers Johnny and Will also managed a nice feed of tasty garfish. Will and Johnny fished Seaford and Frankston piers where they found big numbers of fish. Fishing maggots and fine cubes of silverfish was the most effective for them – with the constant fine trail of ‘Stimulate’ pre mix berley helping to keep the fish around, and actively hungry.