Much on offer around Mornington

There has been some variety of species on offer around Mornington, with locals fishing the area over the past week. A mixture of garfish, salmon, pinkies, squid, whiting, flathead and larger snapper have all been caught by anglers singling out a species to target.

For the land based angler the salmon have been pushing the bait around the harbour with the slightly discoloured water providing them some ambush. The same can be said about the pinkies and snapper, especially coming in to the next lot of rough weather. King George whiting have been caught around the reef breaks and sandy holes if you are fishing the area also.

Customer Mike fished out from Mornington and went for a look for some garfish. No gars were found in the murkier water in close but the shallow reef areas were loaded with squid. Mike caught a nice feed of calamari just south of Mornington where the water was cleaner. Fishing size 3.0 jigs in the region was effective, with jigs like the ‘Flash boost’ throwing an extra bit of attraction in the slightly cloudier water.

Customer Ryan has been fishing out from Mornington in search of some winter whiting and whatever else comes along. Fishing just out from the inshore reef sections Ryan managed rock cod and pinkies amongst the whiting.

Fishing small strips of squid on extended paternoster rigs was effective on the whiting, with some also caught on soft plastics. Amongst the KGW the pinkies were willing to eat both the baits and plastics. Hopping from reef to reef in search of both the whiting and pinkies is the best method.