Garfish galore

Garfish have been keeping many anglers busy during times of travel limited to 25km. Many anglers have found that fishing for garfish has kept them local to their home or work, and perfect – as the gars have been going really well. The heavy rain last week has still been washing around many of the creeks and coves and has kept the water discoloured in comparison to normal clarity.

While the fish have been on and off in the murkier water, the clarity has been on the improve every day and the bite will only get better. The hot spots have very much been around Mordialloc through to Frankston, with a few getting caught further north around Brighton and Black Rock.

Customer Steven topped up on bait and berley last week and made a trip to Mordialloc Pier in search of gars. Steven got to the pier well before daylight and found that the fish really started to bite once the sun came up. Both maggots and silverfish were successful for him.

Customer Angelo has been making the most of his local fishing spots and has done well on the gars down at Mordialloc over the past week. Angelo has been mainly fishing the mornings as the fish have been biting well until about 10am. With a few anglers also doing the same, keeping a small but steady berley trail has helped in keeping the fish in your area.

Small pieces of silverfish and maggots have both worked well for Angelo under a finely tuned float.