Eildon trout

The Eildon area has been a hit for many anglers recently as a leisurely drive up in the hills and some river (or lake) therapy. While the lake has been fishing well for yellowbelly, cod and other species – the pondage and Goulburn have been the standout. With the Goulburn’s level hovering around 400mgl it has been a lot more accessible for wading anglers. With a lower level it has also meant that there is less water between fish!

Customer Clark got away for a breath of fresh air wandering the streams around the region, with the Goulburn one of his stops. Clark had a great time catching trout to around 5lb in the river on a variety of lures, with nice low and clean water helping to wade and cover ground.

Customer Michael also enjoyed a spot of quiet wading around the banks of the Goulburn. Michael fished the river down around the Thornton area and used a variety of lures. Trusty bladed spinners and small spoons worked well in the lower levels of the river, with a swag of 10 trout coming to the bank, including a thumper rainbow of around 13lb!

While the Goulburn has been producing some nice fish for walking anglers, the pondage has also been fishing well for those using coarse methods. Customer Graziano fished the lower pondage using these exact methods and specialised trout dough for bait to land some lovely fish.

Customer John has fished the pondage with his father recently and had some success on some nice fish. John and his dad have been fishing coarse methods with feeder cages and a mixture of powerbait and maggots for their success. Among the quality browns John landed a great looking albino rainbow trout – which are a rarity for the pondage.