Whiting doing well in WPB

Westernport’s whiting fishing has been excellent for those in search of some of these tasty fish. The whole reaches of the port have been fishing well for KGW, but it’s been a ‘pick your battle’ scenario of late with the amount of weed and grass suspended from all the rough weather. The quality of the fish certainly makes up for it, with plenty of solid fish in the high 30cm size range that are still carrying some winter fat on them.

Customer Edly fished for whiting along the Mornington Peninsula around Sorrento with a mate a landed a nice bag of fish. Freshly caught squid and pipi were the best baits when fished during the run out tide in 4m of water.

Customer Damien and workmate Josh hit the whiting up out from Hastings in Westernport during the last calmer spell of weather and they weren’t disappointed. A good bag of fish to 41cm came aboard, with mussel, squid and pipi all doing the job. Extended paternoster rigs with narrow gape mid shanks and lumo tubing helped in preventing leatherjacket damage. One remark that Josh’s hi-vis was the same colour as the tubing and that it was the fish attractor on the day.

Customer John has been out on the whiting a few times over the past fortnight. He took one of his friends out recently and got into a good bag of fish, with a few nice school snapper thrown in the mix when fishing a bit deeper. A solid bag of fish to 44cm were caught on pipi with the early run out tide being the best bite time especially after the boat traffic died down. Fishing out from Hastings in 4.5m was the go.

Right up the top of the port customer Colin has been on the whiting. Colin has been fishing right up around Joes Island recently and has been finding whiting to 43cm along with plenty of silver trevally and yakkas. Fishing the bank edges on the run in tide has been the best for him, with squid and pipi doing the best.