During the spell of quality weather we have been having locally, there have many who have ventured offshore in search of gamefish such as tuna, kingfish and sharks. While the kingfish action has been hit and miss of late, the bluefin tuna continue to provide plenty for those searching anywhere offshore from Barwon Heads through to almost Inverloch. While fishing for gummies out towards Cape Schank customer Jak came across a school of bluefin so the stickbait rod was brought into gear. Jak landed a nice fish on the sinking stickbait, and ended up with a nice fish for the table that night.

Customers John and Izzy have been having plenty of success on the tuna while fishing out from Westernport. Fishing out from Flinders Bank the pair have experienced loads of fish to around 20kg in water from 40m out to 60m depth. Cast stickbaits, trolled hardbodies and skirts run behind teasers have all been producing, with many multiple hookups occurring.

Customer Rich has been back on the tuna himself. Rick has been fishing out from Westernport also and has been getting amongst the bluefin with plenty of school fish taking small skirts run behind the teaser. Brighter coloured teasers have been best, with flashy spreader bars also working well on days with increased sun.

Amongst the plentiful tuna there has been the odd angler chasing sharks. The area wide of Cape Schank has been a hotspot for shark anglers, with plenty of tuna in the area to attract larger predators. Customer John fished the area in 70m of water solo in search of a shark and was rewarded with an excellent table sized mako and larger blue shark for the session. John’s blue shark took a fresh salmon head and the smaller mako also a half salmon bait.

Customer Tim also managed a nice shark fishing West of Cape Schank in 65m of water. Tim’s shark weighed around 45kg and took a stitched bait of fresh tuna flap.