Murray natives

The Murray river and Lake Mulwala have been fishing well for both cod and yellowbelly, but have had a decent amount of fishing pressure over the past 3 or 4 weeks. With comfortable fishing weather and water temperatures still moderate, there have been a few fish on the chew. Mulwala has produced some solid fish for anglers able to work bigger lures around the weed that is thick along the flats and shallows.

Customer Gareth tried his hand out at fishing for cod on Lake Mulwala recently. After gearing with a few different outfits and a good selection of lures he and mate Scott ventured to the lake to try their luck in the kayaks. With plenty of boat traffic and a lake full of daunting amounts of structure they did well and got bites from a few cod. Fish to around 80cm were caught on a mixture of lures including surface crawlers, spinnerbaits, swimbaits and floating crankbaits. Gareth’s first cod wasn’t the biggest but an achievement none the less.

Staff member Dylan also fished with customers Paul, Gareth and Scott up along the Murray and Lake Mulwala. Small cod were partial to slowly worked lipless crankbaits in the lake, with heavy structure bordering lagoons being the prime territory.

In the Murray and joining offshoots, 1/2oz spinnerbaits were the most effective lures to sweep along and under heavy fallen timber. Fish to around 60cm were caught, along with the odd yellowbelly in the slower water.