Light game options

One of the more popular forms of fishing around the Melbourne land based scene lately has been ‘ajing’ – basically chasing of species of mackerel using ultra light lure fishing gear and micro lures and plastics. While this form of fishing may not quite interest every angler as yet, the scope of species that this can be applied to really has no limitations. Think yakkas, slimies, whiting, garfish, bream, trevally, mullet, trout, blackfish and other species that are often harder to consistently trick on larger more conventional plastics and lures.

We’ve well and truly stocked up on as much finesse gear we can get our hands on to suit our local fish species, so if micro lure fishing is something you’re looking into make sure you give us a visit!

Customer Albert has been catching yakkas using some of our micro plastic range, with Cowes pier being his latest casual 20 min session.

Customers Christian and Maree have quickly picked up on the finer points of finesse micro luring, and have made the most of the available mackerel around the piers. Cowes, Blairgowrie, Flinders and Portsea piers have all been producing plenty of mackerel when the conditions prevail. Fishing ultra light rods and lines and 1.5 inch plastics on specialised ‘aji’ jigheads has enabled them to land well and truly more than the bait anglers around them.

Customers Luka and Anthony just recently picked visited the store for some aji style plastics and gear, and after their first session they were rapt with the results. The boys fished a few the bayside piers and managed a proper bag of mackerel, trevally and pike for gummy and snapper baits using their new gear.

Customer Michael also tried his hand fishing Portsea pier for tommy rough and managed to have a good session on the tommies using light gear.