King George Whiting

The whiting fishing continues to kick on well into Autumn. Both bays are fishing well for KGW, with a growing number of year-round whiting aficionados following the fish about throughout the seasons. At present the fish are still fairly well spread out in both bays and biting actively. The recent dumping of rain that Melbourne has seen will shift the fish again, with increased freshwater filtering out of creeks and drains.

The southern end of Port Phillip remains consistent, with Queenscliff and St Leonards being the real hot spots. Customers Josh and Michael fished out from Queenscliff and managed a nice bag of fish. The boys found pipi the hot bait, and 6 – 7m of water amongst the small sand gutters adjacent to reef and weed towards Lonsdale bight.

Across in Westernport the whiting are providing quality fishing for anglers. The region around the middle spit has been an excellent spot to work through, from 2m of water through to around 8m deep. Fishing the small run off gutters and scattered weed with pipi and squid scored a bag of school fish for customer Jamie.

Also fishing around the middle spit, customers Izzy and John have been working hard on the whiting. While the bites have gotten a touch tougher, they are still catching some bags of nice fish. Fishing fresh squid and pipi and moving deeper as the tides slow has been helping add a few more quality fish to the bag.