Interstate action

While Melbourne creeps by under some less than ideal weather, others are making the most of the interstate conditions and having a fish! There’s been plenty of sunshine and fish caught up around the NSW/QLD border, with pelagic species such as mackerel and tuna, snapper and large trevally all making their presence felt.

Future young gun Myles has been keen to get himself and fishing, and while on holiday in Brisbane he caught some nice silver trevally. Myles was fishing just out from Peel Island in Moreton Bay and the successful bait for him was pilchard.

Staff member Chris is currently on holiday in Yamba, far northern NSW. Chris of course has been getting some fishing in, with his main target species Spanish and spotted mackerel.

Chris has been fishing offshore from Yamba and has caught both species of mackerel on multiple methods. Spanish mackerel to 9kg have taken straylined pilchard on gang hook rigs, and also trolled hardbodies. Chris has been noticing most of the action out in the 40m area, with the mackerel following the bait schools sitting around leftover green water from recent river flooding.

Some traveling anglers from Melbourne are also enjoying the pelagic action around Yamba. Customers including John, George and Michael have been having fun on the longtail tuna fishing land based from Illuka in NSW. The guys have been finding success ballooning live yakkas out from the northern break wall at the river entrance.