Whiting and Trevally numbers thick in WPB

The King George Whiting have been going great out in Western Port over the past few weeks, and along with them there has been some thumping silver trevally. The trevally have been roaming most of the inlets and channels, and are pretty quick to turn up once a berley trail has been set.

Customer Chris was fishing off Stony Point over the weekend and he found some nice trevally while whiting fishing. Chris found that the fish fired up around the berley trail and responded well to Californian squid fished on a paternoster rig.

Customer Jamie also fished out from Stony Point and found a heap of trevally amongst the whiting and pinkies. Fishing squid strips off extended paternoster rigs was an effective way to catch these trevally.

Customers John and Izzy have fished on the whiting out from Hastings over the past few days and has found the fishing to be great. They have found plenty of fish around the 3-6m depth with some chunky models going up to 49cm. Rock flathead, mullet and trevally have also been in the mix, with pipi being the most effective bait especially towards the top of the tide.

Staff member Don fished on the whiting with mate Sam over the weekend and landed a bag of whiting out from Blind Bight. Don and Sam found most of the fish were either side of 40cm average, and all took a mixture of squid strips and pipis fished on straight shank worm style hooks, in water around 4m deep.