Westerport has been the busier bay for bread and butter fishing recently – with plenty of anglers out in search of whiting, gummies and the odd snapper. In saying that- there have been scattered kingfish reports from anglers starting to search for them, along with school tuna offshore.

How’s this for a ripper! Customer Joe recently came in to purchase a new rod and reel setup, and just before New Years he struck gold in the port! Joe was fishing the Corinella region for gummies when the beast came along. After being previously bitten off, the mulloway hookup was coined another stingray or small shark, but when it surfaced next to the boat the chrome was the giveaway!

Joe’s jewie weighed in at 20kg and measured 138cm, and was caught on a chunk of salmon on an 8/0 circle hook, after rubbing off the previous rig with 7/0 circle hook still attached!

Whiting reports have been hot in the port, and they’re firing on all cylinders. Whether you’re fishing up the top end on the banks, or further south in some deeper ground, the fish have been going good. Customer Jordan fished out from Corinella last week and bagged a feed in 90min fishing the top of the tide. Fishing squid and pipi cocktails on dropshot hooks he landed a few bigger fish up to 47cm also. Most of the bag were around 42cm which are great fish.

Customer Nick took his daughter out from on the whiting during the week also, where they both enjoyed some frenetic action on fish to 43cm. Pipi and squid strip cocktails were the most effective baits when fished on flasher style rigs.

There have been scattered kingfish reports through the port – with a mixture of fish sized from undersize rats up to 10kg+ models. Some of the smaller fish have been seen frequently around Corinella pier and also up on the flats while whiting or squid fishing. Making sure you have an outfit rigged up and ready to cast has been the most effective way of presenting a lure to these fish when they turn up, like customer Antony did with this one.

Tuna action offshore has just started to fire, with many out in search of them during the week – so reports next week should increase. There has been action from both entrances; as the fish have been moving about a fair bit. Lachie “O’Reely” fished out towards Inverloch/Cape Paterson recently with customer George where they landed some solid school fish. Trolling a mixed spread of hardbodies and skirts has been effective – with no real pattern to colours as yet, just try to offset the spread to see what’s working. Smaller stickbaits have been good for a few anglers when cast into the schools also, as many of the fish have been full of smaller bait.