Westernport has been seeing most of the local action lately. This is a lot due to the fact that the kingfish have been making the presence felt in a lot of parts of the port. The fish have been moving about a lot, with a large chunk of anglers targeting them along the channel buoys. They have also been seen up along the banks by those whiting fishing, which can make getting a bag of KGW awfully tricky when the kingfish keep eating them!

With kingfish being the flavour of the month inside the port, customer Kosta headed out in search of them. Fishing the popular region of the North arm Kosta managed a lovely fish on a live bait. The livie of choice being a yakka, which was bridled using the ‘Bridle Buddy’ tool. The fish seemed to turn up a bite during the start of the run out tide.

Customer Bradley decided to go and search for a decent sized shark with all the rat kingfish about. Brad deployed baits of tuna and ray in really shallow out from Corinella and in no time had hook ups. Two runs were missed before this one stuck, and after a 90min fight solo he managed to get a solid bronzie boatside. With no way of boating it, it was towed back to the ramp to be processed. At nearly 9ft long and over 140kg it was a heavy task to manage solo. After being processed Brad noticed 9 stingray barbs embedded in the mouth, which gives a very good insight into the feeding habits of these sharks.

Whiting reports continue to kick along, with the fish firing in all parts of the port. While the numbers of fish up on the banks has been good – there has been a lot more small school sized fish mixed in. Fishing the deeper areas has been and is a good way of finding some much thicker models – just make sure your gear is capable of dealing with the added lead and current.

Customer Chris had a ripper session recently near Joe’s Island – with over 100 fish caught. The fish bit hard from 4am until 7am in 10m of water. Halved pipis were the best (and most cost effective) bait with no shortage of fish in the 27-30cm size range, and plenty in the 30 – 38cm bracket also.