Trying for tuna

The tuna action has started to heat up offshore, with acres of fish moving about from between Torquay right through to the other side of Wilson’s Prom. While there has been a huge amount of fish around, they can be tricky to catch and do require a few different lure options and strategies to have success.

Customer George has been offshore from Inverloch in his tinny and has had some fun on the tuna. The Inverloch area has been holding good numbers of fish, from behind Venus Bay right back to Cape Patterson. Ultra small skirts down to 3 inches long have been great options to run a long way back in order to get a bite.

Customer Jade recently fished out from Westernport in search of the tuna, and he was not disappointed. Jade ended up fishing with clients out from the western entrance where he came across a good number of solid fish. Running a mixture of both deep diving hardbodies and small skirts was the best option – with 5 inch ‘ghost’ skirts behind a flippy floppy doing the damage.

Customer Trent has been working hard for the tuna over the past few weeks. Trent has been fishing behind Phillip Island and covering some water – with lots of fish being sighted but some schools have been doing little more than sunning themselves. Trent has really been working various lure types in his spread to get bites from the fish – with small jetsetters and ghost patterened skirts being some of the better options to run. Running the lures a long way back has also helped in buying bites.