Squid and whiting providing action

Both the squid and whiting fishing has been steady of late. Clear water conditions have helped especially with calamari fishing in both bays, but a lot of good reports have been filtering in from the southern peninsula. The Rye to Sorrento area and across at Queenscliff has both been great, with many anglers doing well on squid, and then on King George whiting in the same regions. Across in Westernport, fishing around Tortoise Head through to Somers has been excellent if you’re chasing both quality calamari and KGW.

Customer Tony has been fishing across near Queenscliff with a mate and they have been having some great sessions on the whiting. The better baits were both pipi and squid, but the hook selection was a bit more specific as pickers like leatherjacket and wrasse certainly do make short work of soft baits when fished around the heavy weed. Being observant and attentive on the rod is key also, as both of these pickers will strip baits while leaving only the most subtle bite – which can leave you bait-less around a patch of whiting. Moving around to areas of lighter weed covering also helped Tony, and actively moving the baits through these pockets helped picked up a few extra fish.

Customer Chris came down from QLD and went out on a tuition with Gawaine Blake out in southern Port Phillip recently. Gawaine and Chris fished the Queenscliff region and caught some thumping squid on a variety of jigs, with the best performers being bright yellow and orange UV patterns, along with natural dark greens. The brighter UV patterns can get a ‘shock’ reaction and result in an attack, while the darker patterns are very good wrasse and grass whiting replications.

John from Victorian Fishing Charters has been putting happy clients onto some nice bags of whiting and squid in southern Port Phillip. Fishing around the Rye area, John and customers have been landing solid numbers of both species. Fishing the shallower water between 2-3m has been successful for them, especially the squid. Shimano ‘flashboost’ squid jigs in both UV white and ‘shocker’ colours have been effective along with black silhouettes.

Concentrating on the whiting out towards 6m of water, baits of pipi and calamari have been best with a few also snared on mussel. The addition of any ‘crystalflash’ or UV near the hooks has also dramatically increased attention from the whiting.