Terrific tuna time

The tuna reports have still been excellent – with both school fish active locally and ‘barrels’ and ‘kegs’ going well further in the state’s west. Fishing locally, the fish have been plentiful from Cape Schank through to Coal Point – with the inshore areas near Kilcunda through to Pyramid Rock being some of the more consistent.

The best part is that most techniques have been scoring fish, from poppers and stickbaits worked through the schools through to both hardbodies and skirts run in a spread.

Most of the barrel action out towards Portland has been on a 70/30 mix of skirts and hardbodies. Larger skirts in the 10 – 12 inch size range have been the mainstay, especially when run in unison with spreader bars and daisychain style teasers.

Customers Andrew and Grant both fished out from Portland last week in search of barrels, and they were successful. The boys fished around the 60m line and landed both fish running a mixture of teasers including spreader bar and daisy chain combo. Both of the fish took a Raw lure in the paris colour, when run behind a spreader bar.

Customers Mark and Cip have been at it again, they have on the barrel train down at Portland. The boys fished out from Portland for two days and managed to land two big tuna on skirted lures. Mark and Cip have found that running mainly larger lures in the spread has been their best method – with some of the Bonze lures in Exocet and The Weapon being some of their better performers.

Customers Damien and Christian fished out from Portland during the week where they had fun on the tuna. Christian and Damien landed two nice fish, 66kg and 110kg. Both fish were caught West of Portland and the Black Pete Marlin Magic and Bonze The Weapon were the successful lures. Tropic Thunder was one of the hot colours.