Terrific trout action!

If you’re an avid trout angler, then it’s worth a run to your local stream or river. A fresh influx of rain gave pretty much all of the streams a bit of a flush and top up – which is great coming in to Summer. A little bit of discolouration also helps give the fish a bit more premise to actively bite also, so it’s really a win win!

Customer Jordan did a quick solo fish up around the Mitta region during the week, where he reports plenty of lovely river fish. Jordan fished both fly and spin gear, and caught both browns and rainbows using both. Fishing slightly deeper diving hardbodies was the best method of coaxing the bigger fish from the bottom of the runs and pools.

On the fly front, running larger (size 12) nymphs along the bubble lines and current seams was the go – so small ‘nymph’ style plastics drifted through the same water would also be worth considering too.

Customer Michael has been finding some nice trout in the Goulburn recently. Michael has been lure fishing around the Gilmores region of the river, where he has caught fish to around the 4lb mark. Michael has been finding medium sized spoons effective when run across the larger sections of river, and faster sinking hardbodies through the quicker water. Both of these work better when retrofitted with single or assist style hooks, which prevent the fish from thrashing the hooks out in the current.

Staff member John fished Eildon pondage during the week with mate Shaun. John and Shaun caught some chunky trout using coarse tactics, which heavily apply to the correct berley mixture and rig details. Paying critical attention to slight current in the pondage also helps decipher where the fish are moving to and from, and can help in placing berley and baits in the correct zone. Small, fine gauge ‘mosquito’ style hooks are also the most deadly option to convert hookups from lightly biting fish.