Tasty garfish about

Not that heaps of anglers have been setting their sights on these tasty little morsels – but there have been good numbers of garfish kicking about the peninsula, both within access for boat based and shore based anglers.

After a quick stock up from the shop, customer Vlasi fished for gars out from Oliver’s hill. Vlasi and mates did well on nice sized gars using small chopped pieces of silverfish, in conjunction with a very fine lightly oiled berley trail. Finely weighted sliding floats were also key in being able to move the bait to different depths to suit the activity of the fish.

Customer Angelo enjoys his gar fishing. Angelo has found himself down at the local piers chasing these tasty little morsels more often than not. Beaumaris and Mordi piers have been good for them, with some nice sized fish in the mix. Fishing small sliding floats have been best to adapt to the conditions and mood of the fish – with small pieces of silverfish being one of the better baits along with maggots. Just ensure to pin the maggot on the hook the correct way, as this will definitely increase your bites!