Summer trout still going strong

While the heat of Summer can be hard going when targeting trout, most of the rivers and lakes have been running at an ideal capacity and temperature for the trout. Water levels are very slowly starting to drop, but this can make for some more comfortable fishing.

Customer Izzy took budding young angler Mia fishing in her parents dam over the weekend for her 4th birthday. Izzy gifted Mia her own pink fishing rod and helped her to catch a lovely rainbow trout. Fishing a small bladed lure around the shallow edge of the dam was the best method for catching the trout.

Customer Chris has been fishing the Goulburn river with friend Michael. While Chris has only just started lure fishing the river, he has been learning how to catch some solid trout. Fishing the deeper runs of the river with fast sinking ‘wobbling’ lures has been a good way to catch the bigger fish, with some smaller trout coming from the slower edges of the runs on shallow running slim bodied hardbodies.

Customer Paul and dad Alex fished the Goulburn recently in search of trout. Coming from a bream lure fishing background, Paul and Alex both fished small hardbodies and spinners around the slower pools and runs of the river where they caught a heap of small trout. Size 2 gold bladed spinners were super effective in the super slow water, with the suspending hardbodies working better around the edges of the runs.