Southern Port Phillip KGW

The southern reaches of Port Phillip bay have been fishing well for King George Whiting. The whiting fishing starts to come into it’s own as the water begins to cool off, and from Frankston down through to Sorrento the fishing has been good. Hopping around the sparse weed patches or small ledges has been the best way to find them. Fishing trhough the night in these areas has also been effective.

Customer Dino recently fished Mornington pier in search of KGW and he ended up taking a couple of fish home. Dino found that fishing pipi and squid cocktail baits on an extended paternoster rig was the most effective. Fishing at night meant that the use of a graphite rod was critical, to be able to feel the sinker bounce through the reef and weed and onto the sand.

Customers Gary and Steve have been fishing the Sorrento region for their whiting and they have been doing well. They have been working the area deep off The Sisters and have found squid and mussel to be the most effective baits. Fishing in around 7m of water has been their preferred depth.

Customers Steve and Michelle fishing for whiting along the peninsula recently also. Michelle stopped by in store to pick up a new whiting reel and christened it with some nice fish from the Rosebud area. Steve and Michelle found most of the fish in the 5m depth area nearby to Rosebud reef. Pipi and squid cocktail baits were the best performers on the day when fished on flasher style circle hook rigs.