Solid trout firing!

The Eildon region has been the go for many chasing trout, and quality trout at that. The smaller rivers are still running high and discoloured, the Goulburn is also running extremely high and dirty but the pondage has been fishing very well – be it both on lure and bait. Fear not though, if you’re sticking local there have been plenty of locally stocked lakes worth a fish!

Customer Mustafa did exceptionally well fishing the Goulburn river around Thornton over the weekend. Mustafa caught a couple of fish with this cracker rainbow of around 14lb being the best. Mustafa caught the big one fishing a brightly coloured winged style lure through one of the slightly slower moving holes while the river was running at 12,000 megalitres.

Customer Adam had some fun fishing the pondage over the weekend also. Adam fished a mixture of techniques including finesse coarse bait fishing and lure fishing. Adam found long casting metal spoons worked well provided they could be retrieved back super slowly. The bait fishing method as usual provides the best results when comprised of a fine grit pellet ingredient berley and light, long leader with specialist trout dough or powerbait rigged up.

Customer Michael has been fishing the Goulburn where he can, and the pondage at Eildon in between. Michael has landed some cracking trout since seasons’ open, with both browns and rainbows falling to both methods. Most of the fish Michael has landed have been on lures that can be fished slow enough to get the larger trout to actively chase and engulf, so things like bladed spinners and ‘underspin’ rigged plastics are ideal.

Much closer to home young gun Ashie landed an absolute ripper of a trout fishing Rowville lakes with dad Steve. Steve and Ashie were using a coarse mixture of Trout Kryptonite and powerbait. Ashie’s cracker rainbow weighed in at 5.3kg