Quality calamari on the Port

There has been some quality squid fishing available in both bays at present – with Westernport being the absolute standout for specimen-sized cephalopods. While the majority of the consistency has been focused on locations further south towards the Bass Strait entrances, good sized squid have been caught all over. The one factor that determines the outcome can be clean water, so if you’re fishing the upper reaches of either bay try and focus around the last quarter of the flood tide, when the water conditions are generally the cleanest.

Customer Maree fished with partner Christian and friends in the upper reaches of Westernport recently where they landed some quality calamari. The best performing jigs were size 3.5’s in brighter colours, and fished better when fitted with +10 nose cones to combat the depth and current.

Customer Izzy has been out on the squid in Westernport over the past week or so. Izzy and mate Aaron have fished all over the port, from Tyabb right down to Cowes in search of the bigger squid. Using a mixture of baited jigs and cast jigs has been the go. The baited jigs suspended over the heavy kelp have been working well around a cast and retrieved jig to get the attention of the squid. Size 3.0 and 3.5 jigs in UV orange and chartreuse along with dark/red foils have caught the lion’s share of the squid.

Customers Graeme and Ray have been doing well on the mega squid out amongst the heavy weed beds near Cowes. There has been some serious squid action for the boys, with the best 6 squid weighing 11.2kg and the biggest going 2.6kg. The boys ran a mixture of cast ‘switch’ jigs and suspended ‘bait’ jigs to collect their bag.