Offshore action APLENTY

The tuna have been good for many customers this past week – with plenty of solid fish to be found in fairly close out from both Westernport and Port Phillip. With some great weather this weekend there should be plenty of action again.

How’s this for his first tuna! Young gun Archie went out from Sorrento with his Dad Roger last week in search of bluefin tuna. Fishing out along Barwon Heads, the boys got a double hook up in 50m of water with two fish coming aboard. Arch fought this solid fish and got it in and reports that his back is still sore! Both fish took a mixture of shallow and deep running hardbodies in both bright UV and natural baitfish colours.

Customers Kim and Justin covered a lot of water out from the Eastern entrance last week trying to find some tuna but ended up on the board after a head’s up from a mate. After 10min of trolling , the sounder lit up nicely with fish and resulted in a 4 way hook up, with all 4 fish landed. Running a bird in front of a Raw Fishing mini Medusa was the most effective with other bites being obtained on it. The Black Pete Dougal run off the corner also worked well in the popular Paris colour.

Customer Jayden and mates shot out to Coal point in the 20-30m line early morning last week,to finsd fish everywhere. The boys got a heap of fish on small stickbaits, with the Yakamito sub minnow being one of the more productive. Best colour was silver ghost which is completely white and represent a white bait to a tee. Retrofitted light gauge inline single hooks helped keel the lure of faster retrieves and kept the lure fluttering evenly on the pause.

Customer Dennis has been wasting absolutely no time now that he has been on a solid run on the bluefin. Dennis has been having a blast on the fish fishing out from the Eastern Entrance, where he has met a heap of local anglers who he has put on the fish also. Dennis has found that most of his action has been coming from around the 40m depth line – anywhere from Kilcunda to Coal point, and occasionally pushing back towards Pyramid Rock in around 25m of water in the afternoon. Dennis has been catching most of his fish on 6 inch skirts in a ‘yakka’ colour scheme.

Customer Travis was out in search of tuna last week but was rewarded equally with a very solid kingfish of nearly 18kg. Travis was trolling a spread of both hardbodies and skirts out along the back of Kilcunda in 25m of water when the kingie hit. The successful lure was a pilchard patterned deep running hardbody run at short corner.

Customer Zennon headed out of port Welshpool a couple of weekends ago with his wife, where he did well on the kingfish. Zennon pulled up at White Rock at about 8am (the first small rock) and dropped down a 60g jig and was on instantly. Pink and silver was the colour, with 3 solid fish landed in succession. After a small frantic bite window the action slowed off with only a couple of undersize fish landed afterwards. The smaller profile of the smaller jig was perfect in the shallower water and was able to be fished a bit slower and get the bites.

Customer Daniel headed down to Portland last week where he had some fun offshore. Daniel fished for kingfish around Julia reef in the shallows and caught a couple of quality kingfish. Daniel managed to catch some yakkas in near the reef which he rigged using the ‘bridle buddy’ and fished suspended under a balloon. Daniel also caught some squid in the same area which he kept and used the following day out towards the shelf. Daniel dropped the electric gear down in 480m of water straight out from Lawrence rock and scored a couple of nice blue eye for his troubles.