Natives and trout going well

The northern part of the state has been fishing well for both trout and natives recently, with decent amounts of water still coming down most creeks and rivers. Many of the rivers have been running with a bit of extra flow and colour which has been great for the fishing, just a bit trickier to fish in some spots – but the fish are feeding!

Customer Ismail has been fishing up around the Bright region and doing well on the trout. Ismail has been fishing some of the small creeks with lures and he has been having sessions of 10+ fish from one section of river no problem. Ismail has been fishing mainly hardbodies around the current edges, with Dr minnows and small jerkbaits being the most effective – especially in darker colours or UV highlights.

Ismail and his brother in law have also been fishing for cod and yellowbelly around the Wangaratta region. The boys have caught both on a variety of lures, with crankbaits and spinnerbaits being the two most effective. Matching spinnerbait weight to the water flow has been crucial, as many fishing too light haven’t quite had the lure getting down to the zone that the cod will strike from.

Customer Jinsu also fished up around the same region in search of cod and yellowbelly. Fishing some of the smaller water, some smaller cod and yellas were caught, mainly on crankbaits and spinnerbaits. Fishing the smaller pockets tight out of the current was the money, with some areas only producing fish after a cast was placed from the correct angle.