Metro Mulloway starting to move

With the noticeable change of seasons here in Melbourne, some anglers have turned their attention towards chasing the silver ghost, or mulloway in the local rivers and estuaries. The start of Autumn normally brings with it some rain, and this influx of freshwater is ideal when chasing mulloway. The mix of fresh water also condenses the bait which can really help in turning the mulloway into feeding mode.

The hot areas to be starting your search in are the Maribyrnong and Patterson Rivers, especially after large rain events. Being able to collect live baits of mullet or salmon is a fairly important step in mulloway success, but freshly caught calamari can also be used.

Customers Jared and Brent got into the mulloway while fishing the Maribyrnong River last week. The boys were fishing the lower section of the river, and they landed the fish on the high tide change. Live mullet was the bait of choice.