Metro bream on fire

Customer Chris has been fishing the Patto during the week in search of bream, and he has been catching a few here and there. Chris has been fishing from his kayak to get in and around the tight structure and give himself the best chance at extracting the fish, fishing a shorter rod and sinking lures.

Chris has been fishing small stickbait style lures around the pontoons and jetties, letting the current sweep them back into the shadows underneath. This method often requires precision casting and just as much line control to present the lure with optimal sink speed and authenticity. The correct rod and line choices are often one of the most important choices when doing this form of fishing.

Rick from Juro Fishing Australia fished with mate Corey around some of the Melbourne metro rivers just recently where the guys chased the bream. Some nice fish above the kilo mark were caught using a variety of techniques – but the more productive style of lures were small sinking stickbaits and vibes. Most of these lure types are presented around man made structure such as litter traps, pontoons, bridges and boat hulls.

Having pinpoint control is critical when fishing these styles of lure, as mismanaged line or wayward casts often result in snag ups and lost lures. Both Rick and Corey were fishing some of the new St Croix rods and found them great at delivering the lures effectively and controlling larger fish around nasty terrain.