Melbourne’s snapper still strong

While many have made the assumption that the snapper run in Port Phillip has just about finished up, there has still been a good amount of fish caught. While the schools have shifted around the bay a bit, the Mornington region has been a bit more productive of late – especially out in the 18 – 20m area. As usual, sounding about to see if there are ‘feeding’ fish angled down near the bottom will generally give you better results than sitting on a barren ‘mark’ for the sake of it. Changing rig and bait style is key also, as some days the fish have been responding better to strayline style rigged rather than paternoster or flasher rigs – but having more options is always better than fewer!

Customer Ange has still been catching some quality snapper from the shore and piers. Ange fished Mornington pier last week and landed a few nice fish on his newly purchased surf outfit. Ange has been fishing a mixture of single and double hooks rigs with 3oz normally enough to maximise casting distance and fishing range. The best bait has been pilchard, and has been much longer lasting when wrapped with the Vexed pilchard thread. Low light/change of light conditions have been the best bite times also.

Customer Tas has been catching a few reds from the shore also, but further up the bay. Tas has been fishing Brighton pier over the past week or so, where he has landed fish like this cracker. Tas has actually been fishing baits of half garfish, rigged on fixed single hook snelled rigs. This particular day saw Tas land 3 fish, with 2 smaller fish going back in the drink.

Customer Michelle fished for snapper out from Mornington last week where some nice snapper were landed. Fishing suspended ‘snapper snack’ rigs was the best method, especially when baited up with fresh squid. The key with this style of rig is generally to have it suspended slightly above the bottom, which minimizes the amount of flathead it catches – and keeps the rig moving about to attract the attention of the cruising snapper.

Customer Stuart had a fish with his dad out from Frankston recently. Stuart landed a nice chunky little fish out in 18m directly off Frankston, fishing large silver whiting on a double snelled 5/0 rig. While the boys have found the fishing to be a bit patchy, moving from school to school to see which fish are feeding has been more successful than sitting on a mark and hoping that they will bite.