Light line land based offerings

There’s been plenty on offer for the bayside anglers fishing land based recently. Bread and butter species such as mackerel and salon have been plentiful, along with a plethora of garfish. Many of the Eastern piers and coves from Black Rock all the way to the heads have been providing these species to anglers spending the time fishing for them.

Frankston Pier has been fishing well for the gars for customer Michael. Michael has been catching good numbers from the pier during the mornings using maggots.

Customer Angelo has been doing well around Beaumaris when the pier hasn’t been too busy. Ange has been catching good numbers of gars from the small pier with some sessions counting 40, others 25 or so. Either way they have been providing Ange with some tasty meals. Ange has been catching his gars on a mixture of baits including maggots, banana prawn slivers and finely chopped silverfish – which all excellent but almost useless unless incorporated around a fine berley trail! Being such a small pier it is critical to keep the fish right where you need them.

Mordialloc Pier has been fishing well for the gars when the water hasn’t been too dirty. Customer Vitaly caught some from halfway up the pier on the front of the recent rain, along with yakkas and pinkies.

The gars have even found their way into some of the bayside rivers such as Patterson River. Customer Izzy fished the lower section of the Patto in the evening and managed a decent bag of fish, all taken on maggots. A fairly extensive berley trail was needed to keep the fish around in the dirty water, and ‘double stemmed’ light sticks were needed on the floats to keep in touch with subtle bites blended amongst the house lights.