Whacking winter whiting

With the onset of Winter – the whiting fishing has been great. The warmer months are productive for school fish in the warmer parts of the estuaries and bays, but the more temperature-stable depths are producing good numbers of great fish at the moment.

Staff member John fished with customer Dean out on Westernport in search of both squid and whiting, with a good bag of both secured in a morning session. The boys had to move about a heap to make the most of the whiting specifically, but some great fish were landed from around 10m of water, along the inside edge of the spit. Straight shanked stinger hooks and squid/pipi/cuttlefish combos were deadly and rarely missed their mark.

John from Victorian Fishing Charters has had some great whiting fishing with customers over the past week or so. John’s last session yielded 100 fish for the crew of 5. Fishing the Tortoise Head region and rarely moving deeper than 3m of water was the key to his success. SA pipi and cuttlefish baits were also great when fished on a fine wire hooks in a mid-length shank.

Gawaine from Saltguide has been trialling some new concepts on the King George whiting interstate and has since caught fish back in home water using the same methods. The Vexed ‘bottom meat’ and ‘bottom worm’ is an interchangeable and fully articulated rig suitable for whiting. Having hook rigs and weights that can be completely swapped out to suit depths from 1m to 30m is has been great on the fish. Everything is kept in line, which minimized weed and fouling, and the addition of the scented ‘worm’ also entices the fish back for the ‘last bite’ if the bait has been stripped. This system is now available and sure to increase whiting catches over the colder months.