Killer Calamari still on the go

The squid continue to really provide some solid action for those fishing the southern reaches of the bays, with the Flinders region really being a standout. Areas of clean water again and the key, with milky dirty clarity not really providing quality catches.

Customers Jordan and Josh fished some of the deep kelp beds around Flinders during glamour conditions and scored some big squid. Jordan and Josh found areas between 8 – 12m were the most consistent, and size 3.5 jigs were also the best. UV UV orange and ‘flashboost’ colours all provided the most success.

Customer Jason fished with friend Michelle for squid out on Westernport during the week. Jason and Michelle fished down near Flinders in search of the big squid of the region. Fishing size 3.5 jigs deep into the kelp beds resulted in some thumpers. Pink/glow jigs worked superbly in the sunny conditions.

On the landbased side of Flinders – customer Angelo has been doing well from the planks of the pier. Angelo has been landed some nice squid on both baited jigs and cast artificials. One trick has been to cast a larger ‘aggressive’ toned artificial jig around the baited jig, to ‘switch’ the squid from the decoy to the natural offering. Larger silver whiting have been great under the float, with size 3.5 slow sink jigs the best cast and retrieve option, especially in aggressive/red foil combos.