Impoundment cod still in the clear

Although Murray cod season has come to a close for rivers and lakes in Vic, lake Eildon is still on the table as an option for cod. Lake Eildon is currently sitting at almost 95% so it can be a very daunting place to try and find a cod, but keeping to an active approach and following impoundment basics can certainly help in locating a giant green fish.

Just prior to the closing of the cod season, customer Jean fished Lake Mulwala. Jean has had a blinder f a season landing multiple metre fish, and his final session for the winter was no exception. Jean landed some cracker cod in the lake using large soft swimbaits like the Kapsiz and Magdraft.

Customers Graeme and Ray have been trying their luck on the Eildon cod and while they have found the grind very real, they have landed fish in to the mid 70cm mark casting from the boat. Fish of this size in Eildon put up a real slog and are generally in just as round a proportion as their larger kin. Graeme has kitted himself up to throw some serious lures around the lake with a proper ‘big bait’ outfit and plenty of terminal upgrades on the lures – all worth doing if tangling with an Eildon tank is on your to-do list!

Customer David fished the lake just recently also and managed a couple of nice fish. Dave landed 2 nice conditioned fish from hard against the rocky points in the lake. Fishing chatterbaits and spinnerbaits along these rock ledges is a great way to attract the attention of cruising fish, especially if the lures are occasionally knocking the rocks and timber.