Salmon going silly

Our Winter salmon fishing has been great! There’s been plenty of fish roaming the ocean beaches if hitting the surf is your thing. If you’d much rather keep your gear away from the sand, the class of some of the fish being caught land based is great. Local piers such as Frankston, Seaford, Mornington and some along the peninsula have been producing salmon up to 3kg. Bait and lures have both been successful, as they both require a different approach but are effective.

Also, in amongst these salmon there has been heaps of tailor in some of the same locations. The beaches out towards Gippsland have been producing some, and the further East you go their numbers amplify. Locally speaking, there have been plenty caught around the port of Melbourne in both rivers and around ‘the warmies’.

Customer Dino has been smashing the salmon from Frankston pier recently. Dino purchased a new outfit to enable longer casts with smaller profile lures, which has increased his catch rate tenfold. Dino has been using a mixture of both plastics and hardbodies, along with smaller profiled metal lures. The main key here being the lure profile – we all know that salmon we eat a lot of lure styles but when they are keyed into certain bait size they will be much easier to catch when that profile is matched. Smaller is usually better, and with that comes more thoughtful outfit selection – and you will generally see the most successful anglers using lighter than normal gear to help with this.

Customer Alex has been catching a mixture of salmon and tailor from around the urban landscape. Alex has been travelling about fishing around Melbourne to catch his tailor on a mixture of lures, and some big salmon from down at Mordialloc. The most productive lures for Alex have been small natural ‘foil smelt’ plastics and slimlined jigs. Other styles have worked but these types have provided the most consistent action for him.