Solid squid success

The early Winter squid fishing has been going well for anglers fishing both bays, and from the shore as well as boat-based. With pretty good water conditions and clarity around, the squid fishing quality has been reflective. Clean water = good squid fishing.

Customer Ismail fished with a few mates out in Port Phillip Bay last week in search of some squid and, afterwards, whiting. Fishing out from Kirk Point the boys caught a nice bag of calamari in the shallows, up to 4m in depth. Multiple jig colours worked, with the standouts being bright UV patterns. While Ismail looks like he may have robbed this squid from someone, he assures us that he did in fact catch it.

Customer Adam has been catching a few nice squid from the shoreline along the southern part of Port Phillip Bay. Adam has been fishing from the sandy shoreline around small isolated weedbeds around the boat moorings of Blairgowrie and Sorrento. The top of the tide has been his favoured time especially if it’s later during the night. Adam has been using a few different jig styles, with Shimano JetBoost shallow sinking jigs working well, along with a couple of secret colours in the Clicks range.

Customers Matt and Lachie fished out in Westernport last week in search of a few different species. With the weather working against them the offshore gummy fishing idea was out the window – so some inshore bread and butter fishing was the go. Calamari were one of the targets and made successful after changing through a few different jig choices to suit the varying depths and current. With a sleeper bait sitting over the edge while on the drift a few nice flathead were also picked up.