Goulburn still going great

The Eildon region has still been fishing great for trout – with both the pondage and adjacent rivers producing fish. The Goulburn river however has still been the most consistent river in the area – with loads of fish still being caught from the earlier ‘overflow’. River levels are back to a manageable level, and safe wading to better access spots can be achieved.

Customer Colin came in to the store during the week and geared up for a coarse fishing bout on the river. Colin fished the river around Gilmore’s Bridge and caught few nice rainbow trout to around the 2kg mark. Colin found that a mix of a few different colour powerbait options fished on a running feeder rig was the most effective way to fish for them. Sporadically employing the use of trout berley pellets kept the fish going.

Staff member John fished the Goulburn River with mate Goran over the weekend. The boys fly fished the river around McMartins Lane, where they found most of their fish in the faster running water. Fishing heavier nymphs with tungsten heads was the key to getting down fast. Using small soft plastics with moderate jighead weights (say 1/12) and small creaturebait soft plastics has also been an excellent method of catching them.

Staff member John’s father fished the Goulburn River around Thornton last week. He fished the Thorton area and found the most productive method was to coarse fish the area. Maggots and trout dough were the two best bait choices, with maggots incorporated into a fine berley mix also a very good way of keeping the fish nearby and trickle fed.