Local trouts!

School holidays are the ideal time to get out and get into the freshly stocked suburban lakes. Grab a raincoat, some powerbait and trout pellets and get amongst them. There’s undoubtably a stocked lake nearby to you, with many lakes right amongst the suburbs. The coarse angling method is the most effective way to catch these fish, but you can also lure fish for them for more of a challenge.

The hot lakes have definitely Karkarook Park and Rowville. Karkarook has been producing more fish and is maybe easier to fish being fairly open and weed free. Being only 20 minutes from the shop it is also very local for many local anglers.

Staff member Don took his son Tygar down to Karkarook Park in Moorabbin for some trout fishing.
Fishing the lightweight red and clear feeder cages on more of a finesse coarse rig with both powerbait and dough was the key. The absolute best berley mixture was a combination of Wilson ‘wet’ aniseed mix blended with crushed trout pellets. Throwing these with a berley spoon helps land them accurately within casting range. The best colours in powerbait were Orange, Chunky cheese and Rainbow.

The best area of the lake has been between the canoe ramp and the high jetty, as the fish get stocked into this corner and generally return through the are on their beats.