Gars getting about

The garfish have turned up in a bit better numbers over the past few weeks, and with them come the anglers who love a feed of gars. The fish have been pretty good from Hampton through to around Mornington, but Frankston, Olivers Hill and Mornington have been the pick of the lot. Fishing during the morning has been the productive time, especially with a fine berley trail set. Small baits of silverfish, prawn and maggot on fine gauge hooks have been best way to pick them up, with both sliding float or unweighted hook setups catching well.

Customer Erica has been catching garfish from Frankston pier during the week. Erica has been finding the mornings have been best, with most of the bite over by about 10am. Erica has also found that the most productive bait has been banana prawn.

Customer Chan has also been trying his luck on the garfish at Frankston. Chan has caught some larger gars fishing during the night at the pier using banana prawn and maggots for bait. Fishing the night requires a solid berley trail to be set before dark to ensure that the fish stay on the bite into the night.