The freshwater fishing has been great lately. and is chockers full of options for the long weekend. Whether you’re out chasing cod or yellowbelly, or trout up in the hills – there’s plenty of options that have been fishing well of late.

Rocklands Res has been fishing well for Yellowbelly. While most of the fish have been around the kilogram mark and have been caught using medium sized freshwater yabbies. When using these yabbies have been best when rigged lightly through the shell on the back. Scrubworms have also been good when bunched up on a baitholder hook and let roll about on the lake bottom.

Customer Zoli fished from the shore of the lake recetntly and employed these two exact methods to land a few nice table sized fish.

Customer John and young gun Hayden fished up along the Murray river recently. Fishing below the lake around Yarrawonga the boys managed a few nice little cod. The bait of choice were the biggest yabbies they could get their hands on. Pinning these yabbies through the body shell or tail with a wide gap or baitholder hook and removing the claws is the best presentation for murray cod.

The Eildon region has been producing trout in both the river and pondage. The most effective methods have been coarse fishing with maggots and powerbait. The use of a feeder cage and pellet mix berley is also crucial in order to attract the fish to your area, and also keep them there. That is why this method works so well.

Customer Sam fished the Goulburn around Thornton just last week where he landed some solid rainbow trout using the maggot and berley cage method. Staff member Don also fished the pondage at Eildon with his son Tygar recently and used a very similar method. Some solid brown trout were caught along with a couple of smaller rainbows.

Customer Ismail also fished the pondage with his mates during the week where they landed some rainbow trout to about 1.5kg. The boys fished powerbait and a dough mixture, amongst a trail of sinking trout pellets.