Freshwater action

If you’re out and about on the sweetwater over the Xmas break, there’s plenty of options for you. The Murray river and adjoining lakes have been fishing pretty well for cod and yellowbelly. Mulwala has been the standout if it’s cod you’re after, while Lake Hume has still been the go for the goldens.

While the trout lakes have been a bit quieter, a short day trip up around the Eildon region should see some success for you, especially if you stop by the pondage. Coarse fishing methods are king here, with some small technical additions very useful in grabbing you an extra trout or two!

Staff member John headed up to Eildon to fish the pondage during the week with a few friends. John showed young Alexis the ropes on the pondage and led her to catching her first rainbow trout. The key to success was a routinely fed ground berley, fished amongst the powerbait and dough baits. Lemon twist and chartreuse were the two stand out colours for the day.

Staff member John grabbed some gear for his father who went and fished the Murray River during the week. John’s dad Slav caught a few smaller Murray cod fishing small yabbies on a paternoster rig fishing from the shore at Bruce’s Beach. Using the yabbies like a lure, slowly working them back in is a great way to gain some interest from both the cod and yellowbelly.