Family fun lakes still providing some action

While the trout streams and rivers are off limits for a few weeks, the local suburban lakes have been providing some action for those fishing them. Karkarook Park has been the standout lake in the region, as it is big enough to provide plenty of habitat and food for the trout, yet not too big where it is impossible to fish with the expectations of catching.

Customer Ismail went down to Karkarook for a quick fish and managed a bag of nice rainbow trout. Ismail fished a mixture of techniques including long casting trout spoons and minnow tail style plastics, along with a coarse bait fishing method. Fishing feeder cages full of a ‘wet sand’ consistency trout pellet berley and small nuggets of trout dough was the most effective method over all. The wind blown shoreline was the better area to lure fish as the fish cruised closer to the edge.

Customer Anthony also fished Karkarook Park Lake recently. Anthony fished from the jetty along the Western bank of the lake where he landed a bag of school rainbows along with a few smaller carp. Anthony found an extended feeder cage rig was the most productive when packed with a loose grain berley and the occasional handful of maggots. Maggots as bait were super successful used in this method.

Staff member John reports some good catches of trout from Emerald Lake also. John’s father and cousin fished the lake last week and caught up on some of the stocked rainbow trout from the lake. Fishing coarse methods with long finesse style rods, feeder cages and finely crushed trout pellet berley the results came in thick and fast. The most productive baits were various coloured powerbait nuggets mixed with Gulp gel and fished on a ULT treble hook.