Winter natives on the chew

The keen anglers out in search of a monster Murray cod are found on the water all throughout the colder months – and if you are keen to land that giant then this is the time of year for you! While casting big lures with semi frozen hands might not sound like everyone’s cup of tea, the rewards are there to be found for those with a lure (or bait) in the water. Lake Eildon is the place to snare a true freshwater finned giant, but Mulwala is also a great starting point for those daunted by Eildon’s sheer vastness. The Murray river itself can also fish exceptionally well during times of lower Winter flow and increased clarity.

Customer Brody spent some time on the water with Thomas Pinter learning the ins and outs of targeting these monsters at Eildon, and learnt a whole swag of quality information. Thomas has spent a good amount of time on the water, and has refined his craft of catching big fish from Eildon – which isn’t the easiest task. Needless to say, Brody did well at landing a ripper fish at well over the metre mark under Thomas’ guidance. Fish of this calibre require tackle and gear refinement and critical detail in selection and rigging, and the ‘good oil’ from someone such as Thomas can really make this fish a reality for anglers who don’t get the chance to chase them every day.

Customer Mario fished the Murray itself recently with other members of the Dandenong Sports Fishing Club. A couple of relaxed days were had by all and Mario did find some nice fish about – with a mixture of techniques working well. Mario really enjoyed slow structure trolling with lures such as the ‘Grave Digger’ and ‘Slickback’ types. Having these lures bounce dead slow through small sections of rock and pilled timber had the cod aggressively hitting them, even if they were smaller sized fish. A bit of bait fishing on the side was also enjoyed with freshwater yabbies also accounting for a few cod, and local shrimp nailing the odd yellowbelly as well.